Experiencing Jesus with Bishop Mariann

Season 1: The Way of Love

Join Bishop Mariann, Bishop of Washington, on an 8-week journey of experiencing Jesus through a rule of life known as The Way of Love. Bishop Mariann will share with you an 8 part sermon series on how experiencing Jesus through intentional spiritual practices will transform you and those around you.

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    Ep 7: The Way of Love: To Go

    However we sense God’s call to go--to places that frighten or inspire us; to places we would choose gladly or do anything to avoid; to travel across boundaries or to stay put, physically and to deepen where we are--the greatest truth is this: we do not go alone. I hope you know that. I hope you know that Jesus is always with you. And that God doesn’t expect us to get it right all the time, or even to say yes the first time, or the second, or third. But getting to yes, when we sense God is calling us to go somewhere, is, in fact, better than no. Even if where God’s calling us is right where we are, trying to determine the next faithful step.

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    Ep 6: The Way of Love: To Bless

    Bishop Mariann explores three ways that the practice of blessing can draw us closer to God and help us grow in our capacity to love.

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    Ep 5: The Way of Love: To Worship

    Bishop Mariann takes us back to the days after the Ressurection and helps us experience Jesus on our own "roads to Emmaus" in our times of worship and in the celebration of the Eucharist.

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    Ep 4: The Way of Love: To Pray

    Prayer is a vital component of the Way of Love. Prayer does not have to be complex, long, or anxious. Prayer is a time in which we are able to bring our full selves to God trusting that God, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will hear our longings and concerns. So let me give you a bit of my personal testimony: how God spoke to my life in a time of prayer.

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    Ep 3: The Way of Love: To Learn

    Reflecting on Jesus’ life and teaching can shed spiritual light on your life. Jesus says in the Gospel of John that we can only speak of what we know and testify to what we have seen. So let me give you a bit of my personal testimony: how God spoke to my life through a particular story from gospels that hat has become part of my spiritual narrative

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    Ep 2: The Way of Love: TURN

    Turning is but one of seven practices in the Jesus-focused life. It’s the starting point when we first make the decision to turn toward the one who has come to us. We turn to him in need of forgiveness and strength. It’s a choice we make every day, to turn toward him and then to follow where he leads. But remember, as you turn, that he turns to you, first, and to me, in love.

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    Ep. 1: The Way of Love: Spiritual Practices for a Jesus-Focused Life

    So often we think of the Christian faith as an obligation, or as a set of beliefs that we must hold. There are obligations and beliefs, but if we get stuck there, we can lose sight of, or never experience at all, what is most important. At its heart, Christianity offers an invitation to experience a loving, personal relationship with God. It’s a relationship we can trust, where we can find refuge and solid ground upon which to stand.

    The Way of Love is the journey of a lifetime. It’s a way of knowing God, receiving and sharing Jesus’ love, and being a blessing to the world.